Book of Remembrance entry

B.E., Professor Mechanical Engineering. Listed in the Munitions section at the back of the Book of Remembrance. He was a major in the Australian Intelligence Corps at the outbreak of war and became Senior Assistant Censor of the second military district. Towards the end of 1915 he went to England at his own expense, commissioned by the Minister for Defence and the Federal Munitions Committee to meet and confer with the Arsenal Committee in India, and to obtain additional information in England as to the manufacture of guns up to 4-inch calibre. In his report he advised that 'the best way of helping the British munitions effort and the future inauguration of the Australian arsenal would be to send to Great Britain … as many Australian workers as possible'. At the end of 1916 he returned to London as honorary lieutenant-colonel in charge of the Australian munitions workers in England and France. By 1918 some 5000 skilled men had reached England and he had built up a staff of about 150 to look after the men's welfare and discipline.


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