Book of Remembrance entry

Med II., His surname and initials are listed in the back of the Book of Remembrance as a member of the Company who volunteered for active service with the A.I.F., but was classified medically unfit. He went on to complete MB, ChM, in 1927 and a DPM in 1932. McGeorge had a distinguished career in psychiatry and was vocal on many controversial topics throughout his career. He was also admitted to the Bar 1952 but never practiced.

Beyond 1914 is looking for information on this person. They appear in the database because when the Book of Remembrance was published in 1939 it included a list of over 500 people who had joined the University Company or been accepted into the A.I.F. They were in training camp in Liverpool, NSW when peace was declared and so did not see active service. Beyond 1914 wants to recognise the efforts of these people but at present we don’t know anything about them. If you know who this is and have some information, please see our contribute page.


These dates have been taken from the Book of Remembrance archive files and other sources, we know it’s not complete. If you have any information or dates that we can add, please see our contribute page and find out how to help.