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C.M.G., D.S.O. and Bar, B.A., LL.B. : Lieutenant-Colonel, 1st and 4th Battns., A.I.F., Gallipoli and France. Enlisting 17th August, 1914, was appointed second-lieutenant 14th September and, sailing 19th October with 4th Battn., served at Gallipoli from the Landing to the Evacuation, though slightly wounded 12th June, 1915. Crossing to France in March, 1916, fought with battn. till 17th March, 1917, when appointed to command 1st Battn. Though slightly wounded at Broodseinde 4th October, led it till the end of the War, except at Bullecourt and the Advance on 8th August, 1918, returning for demobilisation. Promoted lieutenant, 25th April, 1915, and temporary captain, 17th September; captain, 23rd January, 1916, and major, 23rd March; lieutenant-colonel, 17th March, 1917. Made a C.M.G. 1st June, 1919, awarded D.S.O. 3rd June, 1918, and Bar* in October and Mentioned in Despatches six times. Early education at Mudgee Grammar School. Later at Lincoln's Inn (prior to demobilisation). * For conspicuous gallantry in the attack on Chuignolles and Chuignes on 23rd August, 1918. He established his headquarters close behind the fighting troops, and in spite of heavy shell fire exercised valuable control during the progress of the fight. By personal reconnaissance he was able to direct the fire of the heavy artillery upon numerous field guns and machine guns, which were causing casualties. Also, by organizing the fire of Vickers and Lewis guns upon enemy machine guns he was able to send on the attack . . . owing to his splendid leadership his battalion made an advance of nearly three miles and captured several hundred prisoners and some machine guns.

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