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M.C., LL.B. : Captain, 15th A.L.H. Regt., A.I.F., Egypt and Palestine. Enlisting 18th August, 1915, and sailing 2nd November, joined 6th Regt. in Egypt 30th November. Transferring to Camel Corps n th October, 1916, and 15th Regt. 1st July, 1918, served at El Arish, Maghdaba, Rafa, El Auja, Gaza I and II, Khuweilfeh, Hill 265, Tulkeram, Ajje, Nablus and until demobilisation. Was Deputy Director Australian Postal Corps from 13th March to 20th September, 1919. Promoted second-lieutenant, 7th September, 1916; lieutenant, 2nd February, 19 17; captain, 14th March, 1919. Awarded M.C.* and Mentioned in Despatches. Early education at St. Ignatius' College. * He commanded an advanced exposed post under continuous shellfire for six days, during which time he set a splendid example of gallantry and determination to his men. On another occasion he covered the retirement of the battalion with his section, remaining behind in an isolated position and finally withdrawing his section under heavy barrage with great courage and skill.

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