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Arts I (e) : Lieutenant, 17th Battn., A.I.F., Egypt, England and France. Volunteered for service abroad when called up 9th August, 1914. Enlisting 12th February, 1915, and sailing 5th October as O.C. 5th Reinforcements 17th Battn. after being Camp Adjutant, Holdsworthy, was Adjutant 5th Training Battn. in Egypt and England from 26th March, 1916, to March, 1917. Joining battn. at Fricourt 1st April, fought at Lagnicourt, leading 3rd wave into action and at Bullecourt 3rd May, where wounded, gassed and evacuated to hospitals at Rouen and Wandsworth. On recovery was placed on light duty at Perham Downs for two months, appointed member of Standing Court Martial and, returning to Australia 18th November on six months leave, was invalided from the Army 18th February, 1918. Early education at Brocklehurst Public School, Dubbo. Later at Teachers' College.

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