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M.C., D.F.C., B.E. : Captain, R.F.C., R.A.F. and R.E., B.E.F., France. Enlisting in England in 1915, was commissioned to No. 3 Kent Fortress Coy. R.E. 1st November and served with it in France till August, 1916, when transferred to R.F.C. After training at School of Aeronautics and in Reserve Squadrons in England, crossed to France with No. 1 1 Squadron 12th April, 1917, and returned to England 12th December, going later to No. 38 Training Battn. Crossing again to France 14th September, 1918, remained there until demobilisation. Promoted flying officer, 2nd April; lieutenant, 1st July, and temporary captain and flight-commander, 9th July, 1917; captain, R.A.F., 1st April, 1918. Rejoining R.A.F. in November, 1919, was permanently commissioned flight-lieutenant in 1920. Passed aerial navigation course at Calshot, 1922. Resigned commission in 1923, returning to Australia. Awarded M.C.* in 1917 and D.F.C. in 1919 and Mentioned in Despatches. Early education at Sydney Grammar School. * When leading a patrol of four machines he attacked ten enemy aircraft; during the engagement five of them were destroyed, two by himself. He had previously led very successful night bombing attacks on an aerodrome, in unfavourable weather, dropping bombs from a very low altitude, and doing a great amount of damage. He invariably displayed great gallantry and skill in aerial combats.

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