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M.B., Ch.M., Diploma in Psychiatry : Surgeon-Lieutenant, R.A.N. Enlisting 23rd June, served from 1st July, 1915, to July, 1916, as Surgeon in Charge H.M.A.S. "Psyche ", which was in command of a fleet of smaller vessels in Bay of Bengal, preventing German attempts to foment native uprisings in India, Burma and Malay States; also convoying Russian transports to Colombo and preventing contraband trade in Gulf of Siam. In July, 1916, lent to Royal Navy as Surgeon H.M. River Gunboat "Moorhen In May, 1917, lent to R.A.M.C. in charge of Military Hospital, Rangoon, escorting Turkish prisoners from Calcutta to Rangoon and Indian seditionists from Rangoon to Kiak-Piu, sighting German raider "Wolf "in Karimata Straits 3rd September, returning to Australia on H.M.A.S. "Psyche "in October. Early education at The King''s School.

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