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Arts I : Lieutenant, 40th Squadron, R.F.C., B.E.F., France. Sailing privately in September, 1915, enlisted in London in January, 1916, and, after training at Curragh House, Ireland, and Fort Rowner, near Gosport, crossed to No. 40 Squadron in France 11th August. Brought down six German planes during his service there, two of these on the morning of 23rd January, 1917, but later that day, being attacked by Richthofen and others, was brought down by Richthofen. Killed in Air Fight, No Man''s Land, near Canadian Lines, Plateau de Notre Dame de Lorette, 23rd January, 1917, and buried at Airesur- Lys. Early education at Sydney Church of England Grammar School. Fellow officers engraved on propeller marking his grave—"The earth holds not a braver gentleman."

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