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B.A., B.Sc. : Captain, Special List, Mesopotamia. Appointed at Cambridge in April and sailing 6th May, 1916, served as Entomologist (Civilian) at Kut-el-Amara and in July given charge of whole front area—four divisions. After capture of Baghdad in March, 1917, was attached to Central Laboratories but continued to act as Inspecting Officer on Euphrates, Tigris and Dialah Fronts, under direct orders of the D.M.S. till invalided to India 14th May, England 2nd December and to Australia, arriving 9th July, 1919. Gazetted lieutenant, Special List, 13th October, 1916; captain, 13th April, 1918. 1851 Exhibition Travelling and John Coutts Scholar. War Office Research at Quick Laboratory, Cambridge, 1915. Professor of Zoology, 1923-28. President, The Union.

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