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D.S.O., C. de G., Med. II : Captain, 20th Battn., A.I.F., Gallipoli, Egypt and France. Enlisting in January, 1915, in 18th Battn., was promoted sergeant and in May commissioned to 20th. Sailing 26th June in charge of 1st Reinforcements, served at Gallipoli from 9th August till the Evacuation, in Sinai from 14th January, 1916, to 18th March, and in France, although wounded at Bois Grenier 5th May, till 26th July, when again wounded at Pozieres and returned to Australia 3rd January, 1917. Promoted lieutenant, 14th November, 1915; captain, 26th July, 1916. Awarded D.S.O.* near Pozieres and C. de G. and Mentioned in Despatches. Member of S.U. Scouts—Sergeant. Early education at Sydney Grammar School. Later at St. Andrew's College, with one year in Arts. * "He led an attack on the enemy trenches and though wounded before reaching the enemy stuck to his command and entered the trenches. He was immediately again wounded by a bomb but stuck to his post for an hour. He refused to be removed till he had seen all his men to safety."—London Gazette, 26th September, 1917.

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