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M.C., B.A., LL.B., B.Ec. : Lieutenant, R.G.A., B.E.F., France. Having been rejected for A.I.F. on account of eyesight, left privately for England early in 1916 and enlisted at St. John''s Wood Barracks, London, 28th July. Crossing to France, 13th September, with Anti-aircraft Special Reserve, served until demobilisation, then returning to Australia. Awarded M.C.* and Mentioned in Despatches. Early education at the Scots College. * "Kept close touch with the field batteries and placed his section in positions of extreme danger in order to protect the batteries. On one occasion he stopped a panic, collecting stragglers and leading them to high ground where they were most urgently needed. He has crashed one enemy aeroplane and has many times kept his guns firing until forced by heavy fire to withdraw."— London Gazette.

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