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M.C., B.E. : Lieutenant, 14th and 1st Field Coys, and 5th Divisional Engineers, A.I.F., Gallipoli and France. Enlisting in December, 1914, as sapper after qualifying for commission and sailing in April, 1915, with 5th Reinforcements, was with 1st Coy. at Gallipoli until the Evacuation. Transferred to 14th Coy. as lieutenant on formation and 5th Divisional Engineers as assistant adjutant, early in 1918, serving until demobilisation. Awarded M.C.* at Fromelles and Mentioned in Despatches. Early education at Crofton College, Hornsby. Later one year in Arts. * "He constructed a sap across ‘‘ No Man''s Land ‘‘ with great rapidity. This sap proved of the greatest value to our troops, who occupied the enemy trenches."—London Gazette, 26th September, 1916.

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