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K.B.E., C.M.G., D.S.O., D.Sc. (Oxon. et Syd.), B.A. (Oxon.), F.R.S., Professor of Geology : Lieutenant-Colonel, Australian Mining Battn., A.I.F., and H.Q. B.E.F., France. Enlisting on formation of Mining Corps 25th October, 1915, as Geological Expert, served on Western Front till accidentally injured at Vimy Ridge 25th September, 1916. Attached to British H.Q. 18th November as Inspector of Mines to advise on geological problems in connection with tunnelling operations, water supply and drainage, and as Geologist from 1st October, 1917. Promoted Lieutenant colonel, 1st November, 1918. Awarded D.S.O. in 1918, and Mentioned in Despatches three times. Created K.B.E. in 1920. Accompanied Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition as Chief of Scientific Staff in 1909 and discovered South Magnetic Pole. The Edgeworth David Travelling Scholarship was established in 1936 in his memory as Professor of Geology. Early education at Magdalen School. Later at New College, Oxford.

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