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V.D., M.D., Ch.M., B.A. : Fleet Surgeon R.A.N. In July, 1914, was P.M.O., H.M. Naval Establishments, Garden Island, and on 3rd August, before War was declared, sailed as Staff Surgeon H.M.A.S. Melbourne , serving at the occupation of Samoa, Nauru Island, German New Guinea and elsewhere from August to October. Then joining warships of First Convoy in November, served with the North America and West Indies Squadron (from Newfoundland to Falkland Islands) and on South American Naval Station during 1915 and part of 1916. Later was in North Sea, first with the 2nd Light Cruiser Squadron and then with the Grand Fleet as far north as Bergen and Shetland Islands, returning in May, 1918, to Garden Island appointment. Promoted Fleet Surgeon in 1918. Mentioned in Despatches twice. Boxer Rebellion, China, 1900; South African War, 1901-2. Promoted Surgeon Captain by Executive Minute, 1930. Made an Officer of the Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Early education at Armidale and Tenterfield Superior Public Schools and Newington College.

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