People of the Book of Remembrance

F.N. Waddell
Richard Granville Waddy
Percival Stacy Waddy
A.L. Wade
Burton Gregory Wade
Charles George Wade
Keith John Wade
John Granville Waine
Victor Joseph Waine
Kathleen May Foster Waitt
James Henry Brett Walch
George Dibbs King Waldron
Robert George Kinloch Waley
M.F.E. Walker
Cuthbert Claude Walker
Geoffrey William Elford Walker
Photograph of John Stuart Dight Walker
John Stuart Dight Walker
Photograph of Leslie George Walker
Leslie George Walker
Arthur Dight Walker
John Walker
Westby Lionel Walker
William Douglas Wilson Walker
Photograph of William Jack Oswald Walker
William Jack Oswald Walker
Hugh Alton Chandos Wall
William Thomas Wall
Edward G.Wallace Wallace
Photograph of Edward Thomas Marshall Wallace
Edward Thomas Marshall Wallace
Frederick Hilton Wallace
Robert Allez Rotherham Wallace
Robert Strachan Wallace
Arthur Wallach
Marjorie Lillian Wallis
Callaghan Baird Walsh
Harvey Sylvester Walsh
Photograph of John Edward Steele Walsh
John Edward Steele Walsh
Cecil Julian Manning Walters
Newton Douglas Walters
Herbert William Ward
Hugh Kingsley Ward
Photograph of William Herbert Ward
William Herbert Ward
D. Warden
Photograph of Harry Warlow-Davies
Harry Warlow-Davies
William Henry Warren
Kenneth Campbell Warton
Charles Edward (Ernest) Wassell
James Mervyn Stanley Wasson
Norman Bennington Watch
Arthur Sidney Waterer
Arthur Stanley Waterhouse
Photograph of Walter Lawry Waterhouse
Walter Lawry Waterhouse
W.H. Waters
A.A. Watson
Albert Leslie Watson
Photograph of Alfred Edward Watson
Alfred Edward Watson
Edward Oliver Watson
Herbert Fraser Watson
William Francis Watson
C.J. Watt
Keith Cameron Waugh
Richard Andrew Phipps Waugh
Allan Jay Way
Arthur Gregory Weatherall
R.E. Weaver
Kenneth Edward Webb
Robert Edgar Webb
Herbert F. Webster
Cyril James Weedon
Stephen Hertford Weedon
Henry Stuart Weigall
Mervyn Andrew Kerr Weir
Photograph of Marcus Baldwin Welch
Marcus Baldwin Welch
Herbert Locksley St Vincent Welch
John Basil St Vincent Welch
Leslie St Vincent Welch
Gilbert Charrington Wellish
Theodore Le More Wells
Thomas Alexander Wells
R. Wendt
B.E. Wenke
Charles Herbert Wesley
Albert S. West
Henry Jesse West
Photograph of Leslie W. Wharton
Leslie W. Wharton
Photograph of Arthur Wesley Wheen
Arthur Wesley Wheen
Ralph Whishaw
Lionel Stephen Whitbread
Photograph of Mervyn White
Mervyn White
B.K. White
Eric Hamilton White
G.B. White
H. White
K.M. White
Albert John White
Photograph of Arthur Charles White
Arthur Charles White
Frederick James White
Frederick Samuel White
Harold Fletcher White
Richard Frederick White
Roy Sylvester White
Thomas Alexander White
Trixie Geraldine Whitehead
William Reeve Whiteley
Photograph of Reginald John Nelson Whiteman
Reginald John Nelson Whiteman
A.L. Whitesides
Stanley George Whitfeld
Hubert Edwin Whitfeld
Photograph of Donald Leslie O'Gorman Whitfeld
Donald Leslie O'Gorman Whitfeld
Photograph of Eric Francis Whitfeld
Eric Francis Whitfeld
Photograph of Ralph Alister Whitfeld
Ralph Alister Whitfeld
Selby Roy Whiting
Photograph of Cedric William Campbell Whiting
Cedric William Campbell Whiting
Henry George Whiting
James Ernest Whiting
Keith Moore Whiting
Photograph of Harry Clarendon Whittle
Harry Clarendon Whittle
Alice Whittle
Ethel Whittle
Charles Alexander Whyte
Carvosso Roy Wiburd
Frederick Abbey Wiesener
Photograph of Joseph Michael Wilcox
Joseph Michael Wilcox
Courtenay James Wiley
Photograph of Thomas Wilkins
Thomas Wilkins
Photograph of Leslie Wilkinson
Leslie Wilkinson
Frederick Osborne Bushby Wilkinson
John Charles Wilkinson
F.T. Willard
George Charles Willcocks
D.A. Williams
R.E. Williams
Dudley Williams
Evan James Williams
Henry Stanley Williams
James Leslie Williams
Keith Williams
Oscar Beresford Williams
Photograph of Russell Williams
Russell Williams
Thomas Williams
Stephen Williamson
Henry Andrews Williamson
Carlyle Gordon Willis
Edward Emerson Willis
Photograph of Henry Hastings Willis
Henry Hastings Willis
Valentine Neville Buchanan Willis
L.C. Willis
Cecil Victor Willmott
John Sidney Wilson
Photograph of Lindsay Gilmore Wilson
Lindsay Gilmore Wilson
Robert Wilson
Thomas George Wilson
William Hawdon Wilson
William Henry Wilson
William Keith Wilson
Kenneth Joseph Gilmore Wilson
Kenneth Wilson
V.R. Wilson
James Thomas Wilson
Leslie Phillimore Winchcombe
Photograph of Lois Elwood Windeyer
Lois Elwood Windeyer
Mabel Fuller Windeyer
Photograph of Sir
								William John Victor Windeyer
William John Victor Windeyer
Donald Pilcher Wines
Photograph of Roy Coupland Winn
Roy Coupland Winn
C.E. Winston
Walter Plantangenet Wippell
Percy G. Wood
Charles St Clare Bedford Wood
Wilfrid Gordon Wood
William Wood
Margery Ellen Wood
James John Woodburn
Joshua Norman Woodhead
Geoffrey Guy Woodhill
Victor Richmond Woodhill
Richard Karl Ellis Woodhouse
Albert Henry Woods
Photograph of Edward Albert Woodward
Edward Albert Woodward
Alfred Roy Joseph Wooller
Photograph of Frank Couper Wooster
Frank Couper Wooster
Gordon Bruce Roy Wooster
Photograph of Frederick Charles Wootten
Frederick Charles Wootten
Charles Douglas Waller Wray
Eric William Gregg Wren
Photograph of John Christie Wright
John Christie Wright
Photograph of Sir
								Alan Herbert Wright
Alan Herbert Wright
Photograph of John Lawrence Wright
John Lawrence Wright
Almroth Edward Wright
Victor Hezekiah Wright
Wallace Charles Wurth
James Muir Wyllie