People of the Book of Remembrance

Photograph of William Francis Digges La Touche
William Francis Digges La Touche
Edward Francis Lacey
Romeo Watkins Lahey
Joseph Ernest Laird
Cyril Elwyn Lake
Photograph of Frederick Charles Stanmore Lakeman
Frederick Charles Stanmore Lakeman
Photograph of Joseph Lamaro
Joseph Lamaro
Arthur William Lamb
Charles George Lambie
Edward Geoffrey Lampard
John James Campbell Lamrock
Arnold Llewelyn Lance
Photograph of John Bayly (Paddy) Lane
John Bayly (Paddy) Lane
John Cecil Lane
Frank E Lane
Hector Otton Lang
Alfred Meillon Langan
Francis Patrick Laracy
Photograph of Robert Sydney Lasker
Robert Sydney Lasker
Photograph of Oliver Latham
Oliver Latham
Charles Harold Latta
C.G. Lauder
Photograph of Frank Augustus Essery Lawes
Frank Augustus Essery Lawes
Caroline Adelaide Lawes-Witterwronge
Ernest Edmund Charles Lawless
Guy Ardlaw Lawrance
Frank Wesley Laws
Colin Alexander Lawson
J.A. Lawson
John Norman Lawson
Photograph of Thomas Lawton
Thomas Lawton
J.H. Leadley
John Leah
Henry George Leahy
Photograph of John Patrick Daunt Leahy
John Patrick Daunt Leahy
Photograph of Eric Graham Leask
Eric Graham Leask
Harry Leaver
J.B.A. Leaver
Riccardo Guiseppe Lecchi
Charles Stuart Lecky
Joseph Lecky
Photograph of Harrie Bertie Lee
Harrie Bertie Lee
R.S. Lee
Robert Kingsbury Lee Brown
Robert Harvey Leeds
Ritchie Douglas Lees
Photograph of James Gordon Legge
James Gordon Legge
Photograph of Eric Neal Clamp Leggo
Eric Neal Clamp Leggo
Lionel Henry Lemaire
Frank Wentworth Lennox
Clive Hilton Leonard
Francis Patrick Leonard
Angus Neil Cameron Grant Leslie
August Cameron Leslie
Photograph of Harold Octavius Lethbridge
Harold Octavius Lethbridge
Percy Markwell Levick
Michael Charles Ivan Levy
J. Levy
Robert Bathurst Lew
Photograph of Arthur Raymond Lewis
Arthur Raymond Lewis
Henry William Lewis
Photograph of Vivian Leslie Lewis
Vivian Leslie Lewis
William Frederick Leslie Liggins
Photograph of Alan Bruce Lilley
Alan Bruce Lilley
Charles Mitford Lilley
Edwin Mitford Lilley
Lillian Alexia Lilley (nee Maclean)
Norman Alfred Lindbeck
Photograph of Grant Bramhall Lindeman
Grant Bramhall Lindeman
Photograph of Francis Raymond Litchfield
Francis Raymond Litchfield
Edy Little
Photograph of Elaine Marjory Little
Elaine Marjory Little
Photograph of The Reverend
								Vivian Agincourt Spence Little
Vivian Agincourt Spence Little
Douglas McNeill Livingstone
A.S. Lloyd
Photograph of Charles Humphrey Lloyd
Charles Humphrey Lloyd
Edward Acton Lloyd
Eric Elliott Lloyd
Photograph of Myril McDougall (nee Bowman) Lloyd
Myril McDougall (nee Bowman) Lloyd
Thomas Morrison Lloyd
W.N. Lock
Keith Morgan Locke
Percival Selwyn Long-Innes
Photograph of Roland Edward Longworth
Roland Edward Longworth
Albert Eric Lorger
Clara Loser
Derby Briton Loudon
John Orr Love
G.C. Loveday
Photograph of Gordon Bradley Lowe
Gordon Bradley Lowe
James Clelland Lowe
Photograph of Edward Hamilton Loxton
Edward Hamilton Loxton
Photograph of Merlin Forster Loxton
Merlin Forster Loxton
Photograph of Cecil Rodwell Lucas
Cecil Rodwell Lucas
Frederick Bruce Lucas
Photograph of Herbert Sammons Lucas
Herbert Sammons Lucas
H. Ludowici
Photograph of George Victor Ludvigsen
George Victor Ludvigsen
A.M. Luker
Lionel George Lukin
Photograph of Francis William Rennick Lukin
Francis William Rennick Lukin
Frederick Ninian Lynch
Photograph of Cyril Bartholomew Lynch
Cyril Bartholomew Lynch
Photograph of Sydney Clive Lyon
Sydney Clive Lyon
Laurice Lyons
Douglas Royce Lysaght