People of the Book of Remembrance

William Robert Cadden
James Pascoe Caddy
William Hilton Cadogan
Stanley Charles Calderwood
Photograph of Stanley Robert Callaghan
Stanley Robert Callaghan
Photograph of Vincent Charles Callen
Vincent Charles Callen
Austin Arthur Callen
Geoffrey Gordon Callender
Walter Leopold Calov
Paul Francis Calow
Alfred Wallace Calvert
Donald Allan Cameron
Photograph of Gavin Holme Cameron
Gavin Holme Cameron
John William Cameron
K.A. Cameron
S.L. Cameron
Mary Agnes Cameron
Photograph of Alfred Campbell
Alfred Campbell
Gerald Ross Campbell
Arthur Lang Campbell
Elliston Fauna Campbell
Cyril James Camplin
Campbell Roy Campling
Walter Mervyn Carne
Phillip Caro
Leopold James Phillimore Carr
Myles Frederick Carrick
Herbert Buckworth Carroll
Bruce Maitland Carruthers
Photograph of Edward Moore Carter
Edward Moore Carter
Photograph of Herbert Gordon Carter
Herbert Gordon Carter
Photograph of Leslie Frank Drinkwater Carter
Leslie Frank Drinkwater Carter
Ralph Hugh Carter
Photograph of Robert Burnside Carter
Robert Burnside Carter
Victor Glasson Carter
James Holborn Cartwright
Stanley Roy Carver
Vincent Harry Casson
Arthur Edward Cattell
Photograph of James W. Caulfield
James W. Caulfield
Alfred Hendry George Chambers
Rex Chambers
Edith Isabel Chambers
Photograph of Ben William Champion
Ben William Champion
Geoffrey Servante Champion
Photograph of Gordon Cecil Buckingham Champion
Gordon Cecil Buckingham Champion
Glenmore Ewart Parnell Chandler
H.N. Chandler
Alfred Ernest Chapman
Clement Lorne Chapman
James Robert Charlton
Oswald Reginald Charlton
N.B. Charlton
P.L. Charlton
John Henry Allen Chauvel
Hubert Victor Chedgey
John Nicholson Chesterman
Photograph of Alexander Coles Child
Alexander Coles Child
Alan Rowland Chisholm
William Chisholm
Brian Patrick Clancy
John Sydney James Clancy
Leslie Francis Claremont
Albert Edgar Clark
Photograph of Aleck Charles Clark
Aleck Charles Clark
Cecil Olbers Clark
Cuthbert Theodore Clark
Harold Picton Clark
Rupert Henry Kileley Clark
Gother Robert Carlisle Clarke
Charles Herbert Clatworthy
Cyril Henry Joseph Clayton
Hector Joseph Richard Clayton
Henry John Clayton
John Clemenger
Alexander Wilberforce Clerke
Kenneth George Clifford
Photograph of John Edwin Clifton
John Edwin Clifton
Douglas Campbell Close
John Campbell Close
Hedd Lloyd Clough
Photograph of Edgar Boyd Clouston
Edgar Boyd Clouston
Thomas Bennett Clouston
Ainslie Stalham Clowes
Arthur Lynton Clowes
Allan Clunies Ross
Henry Egerton Clunies Ross
Robert Clunies Ross
Ian Clunies-Ross
W.J. Coad
Reginald Stanley Coates
Archie Sheriden Coburn
Herbert Stanley Cocks
Photograph of Francis Coen
Francis Coen
Cecil Charles Coghlan
Alroy Maitland Cohen
Arthur Francis Cohen
Basil Hast Cohen
Cecil Hope Cohen
Cedric Keith Cohen
Colyn Adrian Keith Cohen
Harold Francis Cohen
Colin Richard Cole
Ernest Albert Coleman
Thomas Dominic Colgan
Photograph of Clarence Timbrell Collier
Clarence Timbrell Collier
Photograph of Frederick William Dean Collier
Frederick William Dean Collier
John Stanley Gordon Collier
Gordon John Stanley Collier
Photograph of Sir
								Archibald John Collins
Archibald John Collins
Clarence Richard Collins
Lauran Grafton Collins
Victor Alan Collins
William John Colman
Ellen J Colquhoun
Photograph of The Honourable
								Arthur Edmund Colvin
Arthur Edmund Colvin
A.R. Colwell
Conrad Henry Cox Colyer
Henry Maxwell Colyer
Moreton John Godden Colyer
K.C. Compton
Thomas John Bede Connelly
Photograph of Roland William Cook
Roland William Cook
Cecil Evelyn Cook
E.A. Cook
W. H. Cook
Ernest Austin Cooke
James Wrentmore Cooke
Leslie Rodwell Cooke
Ernest Arthur Cooke
Frank Basil Cooke
Photograph of Henry George Douglas Cookson
Henry George Douglas Cookson
Alice Glover Cooley
W. S. Coombe
Photograph of Arthur Edward Hamilton Cooper
Arthur Edward Hamilton Cooper
Photograph of Hubert Roger Cope
Hubert Roger Cope
Clive Randford Coppard
Photograph of Sir
								Victor Marcus Coppleson
Victor Marcus Coppleson
Frank Allen Corbett
George Harold Seymour Corbett
Anstruther John Corfe
Duncan Bertram Corfe
James Montagu Christian Corlette
Lancelot Stewart Corner
Harold Walton Cornford
Cecil Samuel Cornish
Alfred Edgar Couchman
Clive Enoch Cousins
Leslie Cowlishaw
Norman Cowper
Meadows Clarendon Cox
Robert Clarendon Cox
Percival George Crago
Francis Brown Craig
Photograph of Robert Gordon Craig
Robert Gordon Craig
Lois Craig
John Richardson Crain
John Cram
Photograph of Cedric Cramp
Cedric Cramp
Jack Haling Cramsie
Charles Robert Cran
Arthur Stafford Crane
Photograph of Clifford Gordon Crane
Clifford Gordon Crane
Clive Charles Crane
Photograph of Lothian Gray Crane
Lothian Gray Crane
Helen Elizabeth Crawford
Robert James Wentworth Glasgow Crawford
Walter Ferguson Crawford
Francis James Lancaster Crennan
Arthur William Cridland
Roy Fisher Cripps
Roy Wood Croft
Photograph of David Gifford Croll
David Gifford Croll
Cecil Howe Cropper
Photograph of John Skyring Cross
John Skyring Cross
Edwin Cleveland Crouch
Frederick Richmond Crouch
H.H. Crowe
Percy Lincoln Crowfoot
V.G. Crowley
H.A. Cubis
Photograph of William Hartland Cullen
William Hartland Cullen
Ernest Culpin
Fergus Roy Cumming
George Cummins
Photograph of Sir
								William Alan Fairlie Cuninghame
William Alan Fairlie Cuninghame
Andrew Twynam Cunningham
William Cunningham
A.B. Cunningham
Archibald James Cunningham
Francis Humphrey Cureton
Leslie Thomas Currie
William Oswald Currie
Austin Sydney Curtin
Roy Courtney Curtis
Frederick Clissold Curtis-Elliott
M.J. Cusack
Photograph of Noel Millar Cuthbert
Noel Millar Cuthbert
Arthur Cuthbertson
Harry McGregor Cutler