Frequently asked questions

What is Beyond 1914 about?

Beyond 1914 is the University’s contribution to the history of the Australian experience of the First World War. To find out more about the project and the University’s Book of Remembrance, visit our about page.

Who features on this database?

On its launch, Beyond 1914 features everyone who was included in the University of Sydney’s Book of Remembrance that was published in 1939. These men and women were students, staff and alumni who served abroad during the First World War.

How do I search for something?

You can access the database in several ways, depending on what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a person – search alphabetically using the people page OR type their name into the main search bar on the Homepage.

If you are interested in exploring things such as a school, qualification, military award or rank – you can either type it into the main search bar at the top of the page OR search the whole database from the search page on the navigation menu and use the facets on the left to refine what you’re looking for.

If you are looking for something specific e.g. Arts students who died on the Somme in 1917 use the search located on the top navigation menu and click on those facets you wish to search by e.g. “Bachelor of Arts”, “1917”, Place of Death “France”

How do I add more information on someone?

To contribute information, photographs or archival documents, visit the contribute page to download our Additional Information form or email World War One Centenary Project Officer Elizabeth Gillroy with your enquiry.

Why can’t I find my relative?

If your relative was part of the University community who was involved in some way in the war then we would like to include them in our database.

If you cannot find them it’s probably because we don’t yet have any information about them.

All of the legacy data and materials for Beyond 1914 came from the records collected between 1916 and 1938 by the University Union and honorary archivists for publication in student magazine Hermes and/or the Book of Remembrance.

Beyond 1914 acknowledges that some people may have been overlooked. We have created this website in the hope of identifying those people and acknowledging their lives and efforts through contributions to the website.

Why does someone’s name appear with no other information?

When the Book of Remembrance was published in 1939 it included a list of more than 500 people who had joined the University Company and, having volunteered for active service and been accepted for the Australian Imperial Force, were in training camp in Liverpool, NSW, when peace was declared. Beyond 1914 includes their names but as yet has no further information.

I have some information on my relative that doesn’t appear on the site. How can I add it?

Beyond 1914 is not complete – there is still a lot we need to discover and add about the lives of these men and women. If you have some information, photographs or documents that you would like to contribute to the site, please visit our contribute page for more information. 

What other information can I find here?

Beyond 1914 is dedicated to exploring the lives of these service men and women and the impact of their experiences at the University and in the military. In addition to looking for individuals, you can also search for archival records such as photographs and letters or for groups of people around a common factor, such as where someone went to school, what degrees they studied or places they visited.

How does the site work?

Beyond 1914 has been developed using e-research software called Heurist. You can use the site in several different ways

  • search for individuals or sets of data using the sophisticated search capacity
  • explore the key moments in a person’s life plotted on a scrolling timeline
  • discover where people lived, studied, travelled, worked and fought using an interactive map.

In April 2015 we will upgrade the site so that users can upload information and search the map for letters and photographs by location.

Who can use this site?

Beyond 1914 is a free and open-access website that anyone can use – researchers, students, historians and the general public. The site facilitates searches across individuals, groups of people, geography, educational institutions and archival materials including photographs and postcards.

If I am a teacher, how can I use this site?

Beyond 1914 provides access to a range of primary source materials that would support Key Stage 5 Learning on the First World War. You can access these through the search page looking specifically at the archival material. You can also search for your school’s alumni to see if any former students are represented here.

I am a high school student looking for information on Gallipoli or The Western Front – how do I do that?

Using the main search bar at the top of the page, simply type in ‘Gallipoli’ or the name of the battle you’re interested in, such as ‘The Somme’ and you will find lists and photographs of people who fought, letters and postcards sent home from the front and other information relating to people’s lives.

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